Saturday, January 10, 2009

It has been a while

I was going to be soo good about updating this and it just didn't happen.. so to bring things up to date I have finished several projects. Mary Wigham, Rachel Wilson, Anne Schween, Mary Thompson and Hannah Saunders... it has been a busy stitching few months

Have just started Barber Meins - a Vierlande Sampler and will post a progress pic on Sunday.

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Daniel said...

I'm interested in knowing more about you - how you got in to this type of stitching. Where do you live? Do other stitchers live near you? How many samplers have you stitched total? How old are you? Are you in a guild? Do you have family? You are amazing. Just want to let you know I'm impressed with Big Red and the others you've finished so quickly!