Sunday, March 21, 2010

It has been forever since I updated this blog...this is what I have been working on since the middle of December.... I think I have finally passed the half way mark.. It is Mette Putfarcken but European Reproduction Samplers.. It has to be the mother of all BAPS... my fabric is cut 36 inches wide by 45 inches long and I am stitching on 45 ct!!!! The stitch count is 565 x 662.. she really is a big one!!! I am stitching her with a combo of Vikki Clayton's HDF.... Basic Black/Ex BlackIris Bud/ Ex Black Iris Bloom and the accent color is Winterberried....So far I am really enjoying stitching this piece. It started out that Donna and Bhooma .. From the HDF board.. were also stitching this piece but I think I am the only one that is working on her all the time.. the others are alternating with other works...Will try very hard to remember to update here and post another pic next weekend.  

Guess I should have added.. Berlin Work Sampler.... not going to happen... I love the looks of this piece but it really is not for me  when it comes to stitching it.... toooooooooo many color changes.. I do enjoy the stitches ... just can't stand changing all those colors... feel like I no sooner get started and I have to change the color again.. so she will end up in the UFO pile for sure...

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