Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here are my latest updates on Mette Putfarckens.  This has been such a long journey and it will soon end.
I am really hoping to have her finished the very beginning of June... she may be taking a trip across the pond if I can finish her in time.. Sabine has asked if she can show Mette at the Textile show in Berlin on June 19 and 20... I am trying really hard to have her finished and still  have enough time for her to travel.  What a thrill to be asked!!

Did you ever get to the point in a project where you are just so tired of working on it that you just don't even want to pick it up and at the same time want it finished so bad that you want to work on it all the time and it is just so hard to put down.... Well that is where I am at with Mette... This has been my only project for the last 6 months... Geez that is a long time and I am so ready to start some thing new!!

So back to the stitching nest I go to work on her for the rest of the evening...... Next update will be the finish!!

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