Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

April has brought a new start.. Ann Medd.. was waiting for my stitching buddy to start this one but.....I just had to start..First stitch was taken on Easter Sunday and this is the progress as of 4/22/12

  I am totally enjoying working on her and so far really love the colors.. I have off from work this week so I really hope to get alot finished... Ann is no small project so I will be working on her for quite some time.  this is what she will look like finished.

My greatest news this week is my DH is redoing our sunporch for me.. Oh Happy Day... when finished it will be my stitching room.. I am so excited.. I can finally have a place to stitch AND a room to organize all of my lights have been installed, insulation is in place.. tomorrow the ceiling goes in and then the walls.... will also put in a new floor... can't wait till it is finished..


Margaret said...

Oh wow! You are a brave woman to start Ann Medd! lol! I just can't face her somehow. You pick really pretty projects to work on. I love seeing them all!

N E E D L E P R I N T said...

Thanks for your comment - just to explain - the price of the new book includes airmail delivery from the UK to anywhere in the world and that is, sadly, over $20 of the cost - we are fortunate in the UK and US to have access to these books so cheaply, unfortunately there are stitchers in Australia, India, Norway and South Africa amongst other places who cannot get hold of these books for love or money. I love your blog!