Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time to catch up!!

Oh WOW.. once again I have been such a terrible blogger... didn't realize it has been so long... so lets try and catch up.. since the last time I was here.... I finished Gesche Heitman... she is ready to go to the framers

Have started and finished quite a bit on Victorine Delacroix... she is alot of fun but geez there is a whole lot of over 1 in this piece...but here is my progress to date. actually have a bit more finished than the photo shows.  This is my own conversion using HDF on 40 ct Maritime white

 And finally my finish of today... Rachel Hyde 
stitched on 40 ct Peddlers Moon with HDF and again this is my own conversion
Rachel was a fun stitch and would you believe my first finish of 2012.

Now I should be up to date with all the stitching I have done... As soon as  my stitching buddy finishes Rachel,  we will be starting Ann Medd.. I have all my supplies gathered and ready to start.  Will use 40 ct Ricamo and of course HDF.  I am excited to start.  Ann sure will be one giant project but as you can see the bigger the better.. I love large projects

Hope everyone has a happy stitching week

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