Saturday, July 9, 2011

Has been a Long Time!!!

Oh WOW.. I am being such a terrible blogger.. it has been almost a year since I updated.  Not an excuse but have to say alot has happened in the last year.  Oct 2010.. I went into the hospital for surgery to repair a very large hernia that incision from a previous surgery opened up rather extensively.. was in the hospital for a week... came home and wasn't feeling quite right.... so the short version is this... developed pockets of fluid that had to be re-opened.. which left a small hole in my belly....which then became infect and then got necrotic (rotten). Was then put back in the hospital for another surgery to have all the rotten tissue cut away, was septic (the infection was in my blood stream) spent a week in the hospital again... came home for several weeks on IV antibiotics and a wound vac because I now had a huge hole in my 2 1/2 months after the first surgery I am now back in the hospital for another week.. due to be allergic to the antibiotics I was on... in acute renal failure and to have another surgery to close the wound.... all in all it was a long 3 months.  Needless to say no stitching was done during this time... Way to sick for that.... but all is well now and back to stitching up a storm... since Feb I have stitched

Maria Moll

Jane Rees

And this is last weeks progress on Jane Atkinson.... WOW Jane is such a fun stitch... like coloring... outline the area and fill it in... I just love it and will be sad when she is finished.

So since things are back to normal I do hope to be much better about posting stitching updates on a regular basis... Hope everyone is having a great summer and getting some time to stitch  :)))


Margaret said...

Oh my, you've been through the wringer with your health! You poor thing! I sure hope all is back to normal with you now. Your stitching is lovely! Wow! Just gorgeous pieces! I am totally in awe! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's good to have discovered yours!

Paule said...

Oh, Karen, I'm so sad for you. I didn't imagine, from your posts on Vikki's board, that it had been so terrible for you!!! You helped me a lot, when we were stitching Ann Grimshaw together, and now I'm sorry I didn't lend a hand to you in those hard days.... But you're still an inspiration for me...

KB said...

Thank you Margaret and Paule for the kind comments.. yes, everything is back to normal... thank God for that. I am so glad you both have come to visit my blog... I am really going to try and be better about keeping it up to date. Hopefully life won't get in the way too much :)