Thursday, July 21, 2011

Okay not too far behind this time... life has been busy.. with work and finishing up my Personal Care Home Administrator course.. only 4 more classes after tonight then the test..hopefully then my stitching life can return to normal.... in any event here is the lastest progress on Jane Atkinson as of Sunday evening... have finished a bit more since then... the leaves of the tree are finished. working on the snake...hopefully about another 2 weeks or so and I will be done....Well.. it is off to work I go  and then another late night of class... Keep telling myself only 4  more to go  :))))  Have a great stitchy week


Margaret said...

Jane is looking wonderful! I was looking through your other posts again. Great stitching!!!)

KB said...

Thanks so much Margaret! I follow your blog and you are such a stitching inspiration! I love so many of the samplers you have done :)))))