Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here is another update on Jane.. she is moving along rather nicely.. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. just a few more weeks and she will be finished.

I am really enjoying stitching Jane. Will really miss her when she is finished.  Still haven't decided what will be next.. so much to stitch and so little time.  it is a toss up between Ann Sandles and Victorine Delacroix..then again there are a few others I could threw in the mix..LOL.  Guess I will just wait and see what mood strikes me when Jane is finished.. I will change my mind 10 times till then.

I will finish my PC Administrator classes this week.. Sat is the last class.. finally.. it has been a long summer.. then the test is on Wed. Aug 3.. here is hoping I pass.. Finally my stitching life will be able to get back to normal.

Have a great stitching week and stay cool.. the heat and humidity are coming back again.. UGH!!!  I am so ready for Fall...


Margaret said...

She's beautiful! I know what you mean about after Jane. I felt the same way after I was done stitching her, but you'll move on. In the meantime, enjoy her. Isn't she fun? I like your two possible choices for after Jane. Done one, want to do the other. lol! You have good taste!

Janet said...

I had no idea you had q blog Karen. Whoopee, I can see all you are up to. I love your finish, I guess you and Donna are full steam ahead on a new piece ahe told me about from Sabine?