Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here is my start on Berlin Wool Work Sampler... Started Saturday Sept 12, 2009.. using 34 ct Oaten Scone and HDF conversion..

So far I have used the recommended color... on the green/gold scroll type motif I did do cross stitch over 1 rather than the tent stitch. the motif below it is in tent stitch as well as the initals. Gotta say I really like the tent stitch... it goes soooo fast!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is the update on GH from last weekend.. not much progress since then ... it has been a slow week for stitching. Hit a slight slump.  I think I need something new.. have been stitching Vierlandens all year so far and sorta getting burned out with them... 
Sooo On a good note... all the supplies have arrived for Berlin wool work sampler!!! How exciting.. the only thing I am waiting for is the charts....... and they should be here today with any amount of luck.. When then arrive I shall start!!! 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day weekend!!

All Right!! A long weekend.. 3 days of stitching.. I am in heaven!!!  Have almost reached the halfway point in GH.. Will post a pic on Monday evening.

Also working on kitting up Berlin Wool Works Sampler.. this shall be the project next in line.. Silks have been ordered, 
chart has been ordered 
and fabric is on the way!!

 SOOOOO  should be good to go as soon as I get GH finished.  So here is the pic of the Berlin Works Sampler... I am excited to do this one.. especially since it is sooooo completely different from what I have been stitching the last several years.  Can't wait to get started!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

GH 1844

Have been working on GH 1844 (Gesche Heitman) for the past 2 weeks.  Currently have a bit more finished than the picture shows and will post a new pic probably on Sunday.  I really enjoy working on this one.. She is being stitched on 45ct Florence with Vikki Clayton's HDF ...kodiak bear  5143 and Gandy Dancer 1113

Monday, August 17, 2009

Metta is Finished!!

Well I didn't make the end of July but I did finish her on Aug 15, 2009..... 4 months and 4 days... not bad!! gotta say for as glad as I am to see her finished I really miss working on her.

So next up is Gesche Heitman... had started this one last year and put her aside for other projects.. Well now she is getting the attention she deserves again... pics of progress a little later in the week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Metta update 6.21.09

Here is my new update of Metta as of Sunday June 21, 2009....She is moving right along and I am at about half way!! Started her in mid april and hope to finish by the end of July!! I am stitching on 45 ct Florence linen with Vikki Clayton silks... it is an OMG red combo of 1145/1149/1153 that Donna and I invented... I love the way it is stitching up....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long time

Wow it really has been a long time since I posted here.... since then I have finished Barber Meins. It was such a lo of fun to stitch.. Took about 4 months to finish but worth every minute of it. Since that finish I have been working on Metta Putfarcken... started her mid april... would say that I am just now at about the half way point. she is HUGE 461 x 489 I have more finished than what is pictured here and will try and post progress pics on a regular basis..... well off to work on Metta some more..................

Thursday, February 26, 2009

update on Barber Meins

have been working on Barber since about mid January.. This is one HUGE project.. but oh so pretty. i have reached the half way point. Since this picture was taken on 2/22/09. I just have the last Rhombus in the row to finish. I am stitching Barber on 45 ct Florence with Vikki Claytons HDF - Imperiolosity. will have to do a scan to get a better pic of the color. It is a hard one to photograph ...since it is a black/green

Saturday, January 10, 2009

OOP's forgot

there was one more finish that I forgot to include and that is Dorothea Paddies

It has been a while

I was going to be soo good about updating this and it just didn't happen.. so to bring things up to date I have finished several projects. Mary Wigham, Rachel Wilson, Anne Schween, Mary Thompson and Hannah Saunders... it has been a busy stitching few months

Have just started Barber Meins - a Vierlande Sampler and will post a progress pic on Sunday.