Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am back after a long absence.

Once again I have been a very bad blogger.  Time passes way to fast.  Much has happened since the last time I post here....We are new grandparents and Abram is growing way to fast... gee he is 9 months old already.. and grandchild #2 is on the way!!  due the end of Feb beginning of March.  Can't wait.. We are so blessed!!
On the stitching front...
I have finished and framed Dutch Beauty
Finished and framed Ann Medd
Finished Abe's Birth sampler... it is also framed and given to him

Other finishes include
Frances Poole
Isabella Fox
Need to take pics and will add them later

Have done a bit of housecleaning when it comes to started projects.... Was getting way to many and it was making me crazy!!!  Ok I admit it was a short trip.  For a one at a time kinda girl to have over 10 more like 20 started projects was more than I can handle so I decided it was time to make some decisions.
First I went through all of them and decided .... is this a project you are interested in finishing.. if the answer was no .. it was unkitted, threads saved and linen salvaged... The yes pile was then gone through again... and the question asked ... are you happy with the way this project is progressing or do you want to change anything?  This time if the answer was Yes I want to change something... it was unkitted to be restarted at a later date...(these were ones I wish I would have chosen to stitch over 1)... So now this list is narrowed down to just a few projects to be completed one at a time in no particular order.

Manifesto - stitching over 1 on 28 ct lugana with DMC
Hannah Carter - stitching over 1 on 28 ct Lugana with DMC
Sarah Elizabeth Brookes - stitching on 40 ct Graziano linen with DMC
His Eye is on the Sparrow - stitching on 40 ct Frosted Cafe from Sassy's Fabbys with DMC ( this will be grandchild #2's Birth Sampler
Charlotte Clayton - stitching on 40ct Meadow Rue with DMC

I am currently working on Manifesto so here is the progress as of Saturday morning

Since saturday I have finished the background down to the bottom (sround that pretty flower) and am now working on the blue background in the area of the birds and trees... Will be working this project from right to left.  found tht it is easier to bunch up the unworked fabric in my hand rather than that which has already been stitched.... I really am enjoying working on Manifesto and hope to share my weekly updates with you.

So that is my plan.. hope I can stick to this and my vow of NO NEW STARTS until these are finished.  we shall see how it goes... I hope to post weekly updates here and mend my ways.  I am hoping this will help to keep me on track and get these projects finished.

thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching