Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am back after a long absence.

Once again I have been a very bad blogger.  Time passes way to fast.  Much has happened since the last time I post here....We are new grandparents and Abram is growing way to fast... gee he is 9 months old already.. and grandchild #2 is on the way!!  due the end of Feb beginning of March.  Can't wait.. We are so blessed!!
On the stitching front...
I have finished and framed Dutch Beauty
Finished and framed Ann Medd
Finished Abe's Birth sampler... it is also framed and given to him

Other finishes include
Frances Poole
Isabella Fox
Need to take pics and will add them later

Have done a bit of housecleaning when it comes to started projects.... Was getting way to many and it was making me crazy!!!  Ok I admit it was a short trip.  For a one at a time kinda girl to have over 10 more like 20 started projects was more than I can handle so I decided it was time to make some decisions.
First I went through all of them and decided .... is this a project you are interested in finishing.. if the answer was no .. it was unkitted, threads saved and linen salvaged... The yes pile was then gone through again... and the question asked ... are you happy with the way this project is progressing or do you want to change anything?  This time if the answer was Yes I want to change something... it was unkitted to be restarted at a later date...(these were ones I wish I would have chosen to stitch over 1)... So now this list is narrowed down to just a few projects to be completed one at a time in no particular order.

Manifesto - stitching over 1 on 28 ct lugana with DMC
Hannah Carter - stitching over 1 on 28 ct Lugana with DMC
Sarah Elizabeth Brookes - stitching on 40 ct Graziano linen with DMC
His Eye is on the Sparrow - stitching on 40 ct Frosted Cafe from Sassy's Fabbys with DMC ( this will be grandchild #2's Birth Sampler
Charlotte Clayton - stitching on 40ct Meadow Rue with DMC

I am currently working on Manifesto so here is the progress as of Saturday morning

Since saturday I have finished the background down to the bottom (sround that pretty flower) and am now working on the blue background in the area of the birds and trees... Will be working this project from right to left.  found tht it is easier to bunch up the unworked fabric in my hand rather than that which has already been stitched.... I really am enjoying working on Manifesto and hope to share my weekly updates with you.

So that is my plan.. hope I can stick to this and my vow of NO NEW STARTS until these are finished.  we shall see how it goes... I hope to post weekly updates here and mend my ways.  I am hoping this will help to keep me on track and get these projects finished.

thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Plan for 2014

Once again it has been forever since I posted here...At the end of the year I looked at what I have stitched in 2013 and was pleasantly surprised...
2013 Finishes
Dutch Beauty
Mary Moteshed
Matilda Ann Charles
Anna Roennecke
Sweet Adeline
Mary Hart 
Mary Bunce

Works in Progress
Ann Medd
Scarlett Ribbands
Hannah Carter
Hannah Lancaster
all of which have seen some stitching time but not completed

Now what I am about to tell you.... I am sure you will say.. "Good heavens she has lost her mind"... and that may very well be the case  :)  I spent alot of time working on Manifesto this past year.. In fact I am at about the half way point...A friend of mine is working on Hannah Carter and I had this uncontrollable urge to start Hannah.. so I did.. over one on 28 ct Lugana.... and she is beautiful... the over 1 really brings her to life.. soooooooo  I got to thinking and on a whim decided to stitch the sun of Manifesto over 1 on 28 ct just to see what it looked like.... Can you see where this is headed??  OMG it is gorgeous.. really makes the colors pop.. it looks more like a tapestry... OMG I love it!!!!!!  So crazy me... has just jumped off the deep end and restarted Manifesto on 28 ct over 1. Once I saw the results of my stitching over 1 I just knew there was no way I was going to be happy with the 40 ct piece.  And if I am not happy I will not finish...

All of that being said Here is the plan for 2014

My main focus during the week (Monday through Thursday)will be Manifesto (until it is completed)

Fri,Sat, Sun are the days I work on my projects with my stitching buddy Donna
Those projects at this moment in time will be 
Hannah Carter
Hannah Lancaster 
Permin 1830
We will be rotating between all 3.. working on whichever one screams the most for attention.
as one is finished another project will be added in its place.. either another work in progress or a new start

So that is my plan for 2014 and I am sticking to it  :)  knowing me... how long this will last remains to be seen but I am gonna try..

Here are pics of my current progress on Hannah Cater and Manifesto..I am totally having a love affair with stitching over 1

thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great stitching year!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week #7

WOW Another week of Manifesto has come and gone.. where does the time go....here is what she looks like as of Sunday 3/24/2013

the house is nearly built.. the roofers and masons needed some time off because of the crazy spring weather we are having here in Pa.   Woke up to snow this morning.... so Miss Scarlet gave them off until the weather warms a bit... In the meantime the landscaper has arrived and he has planted the trees on the right side of the house.. getting ready for the fence and the brick wall....Mr. Peacock will be keeping an eye on things after he arrives.... That is why he faces away from the house.. he is watching!.....I think we shall name the estate Peacock Manor.... Miss Scarlet (who is outlined but not dressed yet) is the lady of the house.... next to her is Mr. Carson - the butler..and he is doing a fine job of keeping the day to day operations of the household in order..... then we have Miss Daisy the goose whisperer, who just loves being outdoors with her little friends....and Miss Marsha the school marm....Miss Marsha is having a heck of a time to get Miss Daisy to come inside and study her lessons.. Mr CArson, Miss Daisy and Miss Marsha have yet to enter the picture but they are part of the manor family and staff... Miss Scarlet has a great job on her hands getting Peacock Manor built and keeping everyone in line.. she gets frustrated sometimes and Oh those animals in the yard can be so messy... She is constantly reminding everyone, including the workers, to take their shoes off when they enter the house...and she has to calm down all the neighbors when the complain about the noise...However, Miss Scarlet is a strong woman and she will overcome all the obstacles...

So for now we leave you and hope you will return next week to see how Peacock Manor is progressing  and how our friends are doing...

Happy Stitching and have a great week!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Latest Stitching News

Once again where does the time go?  Here is what is up on the stitching front:

Stitching in Dutch Beauty has come to a halt.... OH NO.. why you ask... Well..............
Scarlet Letter released Manifesto and I feel in
love... received my chart and on Feb 1, 2012 the stitching began.... I am so addicted I am unable to put her down....

what you see is the result of 6 weeks of stitching.. And yes she is a monster!!  This has to be the largest solidly stitched piece I have ever done at 600 x 380.  But she is so much fun!!!!

Other stitching new.. I have taught 2 Classes in Hardanger Embroidery at Threads Needlework in East Petersburg, Pa and what a blast.. should have taken some pics.(will do that next time)  the women in the class were great! and it was a pleasure to spend time with them..

these are my girls back from the framers and up on the wall.... starting on the left...
Mary Gibson, Rachel Hyde, Susie Pierce, Jane Atkinson, Gesche Heitman, Annie ( you can partially see)   These girls are all loving there home and are a pleasure to look at everyday..

Until next time
Happy Stitching

Thursday, January 17, 2013

WOW a month has passed already

Gee it has been a whole month since I have left the working world and I am loving every minute of it.  It is so great to be stitching when I want.  So with that here is the progress

Ann Medd.... she is on hold... I have frogged the over one that I had done....I just can't bring myself to stitch this whole section over 1... I don't mind small amounts of over 1 on 40 count but this is over the top for me.... so now I am trying to decide .. do it do it all over 2 or do I change the section entirely and if so what do I put there.. so you can see why Ann is on hold.

Dutch Beauty... she is really coming along nicely.  have now started the bottom row.. so I feel like I am on the home stretch.  I am looking forward to a finish  maybe in the next month.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

First Day of Retirement

Oh WOW it is still hard to believe that as of yesterday at 4pm.. I am free...no longer tied to the grind of work!!  I don't know how to act... I guess it still does not feel real and probably won't for a few weeks....so what was my first day like??  Slept late!!  got up and had the required few cups of coffee and checked my e-mail and facebook.. and then has a  leisurely day of stitching.  Working on Isabelle Fox today..

Will also work on her tomorrow... then during the week the plan is to stitch on either Dutch Beauty or Ann Medd... I am going to work on Ann as part of Nicola's Scarlett Letter year so she will get preference...I do want to finish Dutch Beauty and also have Victorine waiting in the wings for a finish... so this will be the years of finishes along with the SAL's.....

Looking forward to keeping this blog up to date with my stitching progress as now I really have no excuse not to  :))))

Happy Stitching to all

Monday, November 26, 2012

Will be joining Nicola's Scarlett Letter Challenge.... This is where I am on Ann Medd.. she will be my project for this challenge.. so I will pick her up again with the new year.  I actually think I may have a bit more finished than the picture shows.. Guess I better get her out and give her a look see..