Friday, June 18, 2010

Well Mette is all dressed up and ready for her debut at the Textile show in Berlin.... I hope she has a grand time and is able to fill her dance card... LOL...can;t wait to hear the comments from Sabine!

Monday, June 14, 2010

OH YES!!!! Happy Dancing all over the place!!! Mette has arrived in Berlin and is visiting Sabine!! I am sure they will have a wonderful visit together... I am just happy that she arrived safe and in one piece and didn't get highjacked along the way....All is now right with the world....okay at least with my little stitching world..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feeling a bit stressed these days.. I mailed my Mette to  Sabine to show in the Textile Show in Berlin... mailed it on Tues and it was to be there on Thurs the 10th... Well... she still isn't there.. it is now Sat the 12th.... got stuck in customs.. however on Friday they (FedEx) tried to deliver and there was no one home.... now I don't know if in Germany they do not leave a notice that a delivery was attempted the way they so here in the US. Sabine did not mention that she received any kind of notice to that effect. AND ... Mette still is not in Sabine's hands... I assume delivery will be attempted again on Monday since they do not do Sat and Sun deliveries.. I so hope that I will wake up to an e-mail on Monday to say that she has arrived safe and sound....

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I've done it!!!!  Mette is finished!!! Finished her last evening at 6pm.... 182 days and approx 800 hours!!  She is my first finish for 2010..

So what is next you ask??? I am waiting for my stitching buddy to finish her current project and then we will be starting Louise Zeigler by European Reproduction Samplers - Sabine....That should be a quick stitch... geez anything will be quick after Metta and Mette... so in the meantime I am working on Jane Rees again.. she has been so neglected during the past year and is screaming to be finished.  I am over half way so she will not take that long...  Well off to watch the race and stitch some more.....