Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mette is Home

Well, Mette has returned from her travels to Berlin.. she was on the slow boat back... guess she wanted to see the sights and relax a bit after her show... took 2 1/2 weeks for her to get here.. but the important thing is she made the trip safe and sound.  Next stop for Mette will be Vikki's (HDF) Open House next weekend....then she will go to the framers to get all dressed up for the Stitching Jubilee in Lancaster in Oct.

While Mette was away.. I have 2 more finishes... stitched Louise Zeigler  and Ida Anker... pics to follow... both were really fun to stitch and went really fast... then again after Mette anything is is fast stitch...

 both of these girls are stitched on 40 ct Ricamo with HDF... Louise uses a Perfect red combo and Ida is stitched with Metta Red... Next up is the little Bristol Freebie from Sabine... did a few test stitches in Sassy Fabby's Crescent Cream with a mislabeled is one of the OMG reds marked 1151 but it may be darker like Diane's Rouge... no matter they look really great together and can;t wait to stitch more... AS soon as my Stitching Buddy (Donna) finishes her Ida .....we will be starting the little bristol