Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Plan for 2014

Once again it has been forever since I posted here...At the end of the year I looked at what I have stitched in 2013 and was pleasantly surprised...
2013 Finishes
Dutch Beauty
Mary Moteshed
Matilda Ann Charles
Anna Roennecke
Sweet Adeline
Mary Hart 
Mary Bunce

Works in Progress
Ann Medd
Scarlett Ribbands
Hannah Carter
Hannah Lancaster
all of which have seen some stitching time but not completed

Now what I am about to tell you.... I am sure you will say.. "Good heavens she has lost her mind"... and that may very well be the case  :)  I spent alot of time working on Manifesto this past year.. In fact I am at about the half way point...A friend of mine is working on Hannah Carter and I had this uncontrollable urge to start Hannah.. so I did.. over one on 28 ct Lugana.... and she is beautiful... the over 1 really brings her to life.. soooooooo  I got to thinking and on a whim decided to stitch the sun of Manifesto over 1 on 28 ct just to see what it looked like.... Can you see where this is headed??  OMG it is gorgeous.. really makes the colors pop.. it looks more like a tapestry... OMG I love it!!!!!!  So crazy me... has just jumped off the deep end and restarted Manifesto on 28 ct over 1. Once I saw the results of my stitching over 1 I just knew there was no way I was going to be happy with the 40 ct piece.  And if I am not happy I will not finish...

All of that being said Here is the plan for 2014

My main focus during the week (Monday through Thursday)will be Manifesto (until it is completed)

Fri,Sat, Sun are the days I work on my projects with my stitching buddy Donna
Those projects at this moment in time will be 
Hannah Carter
Hannah Lancaster 
Permin 1830
We will be rotating between all 3.. working on whichever one screams the most for attention.
as one is finished another project will be added in its place.. either another work in progress or a new start

So that is my plan for 2014 and I am sticking to it  :)  knowing me... how long this will last remains to be seen but I am gonna try..

Here are pics of my current progress on Hannah Cater and Manifesto..I am totally having a love affair with stitching over 1

thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great stitching year!