Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well, her she is .. all finished.. Jane Atkinson!  Stitched on 40 ct cream Ricamo linen with a conversion from Vikki Clayton Hand-dyed fibers.. Actually finished her on Aug 20, 2011... now to get her to the framers.. jane was such fun to stitch that I really am sad to see her finished... Having a hard time deciding what is next.. Was going to do Ann Sandles but found some of the colors to be way to pink and too light for my liking.. then it was an A&E from a museum in Germany.. Sabine was able to get it for us... but again there are colors that are so light they do not show up well when stitched... needs some revamping.. so as of right now I am working on finishing Annie.. a Bristol orphan sampler by Sabine.. until I can pic a "next" project....trouble is soooo many I want to stitch it is hard to make up ones mind..