Thursday, January 17, 2013

WOW a month has passed already

Gee it has been a whole month since I have left the working world and I am loving every minute of it.  It is so great to be stitching when I want.  So with that here is the progress

Ann Medd.... she is on hold... I have frogged the over one that I had done....I just can't bring myself to stitch this whole section over 1... I don't mind small amounts of over 1 on 40 count but this is over the top for me.... so now I am trying to decide .. do it do it all over 2 or do I change the section entirely and if so what do I put there.. so you can see why Ann is on hold.

Dutch Beauty... she is really coming along nicely.  have now started the bottom row.. so I feel like I am on the home stretch.  I am looking forward to a finish  maybe in the next month.


Mindi said...

Love the progress on DB, and you now have me scared about Ann Medd. I haven't looked at the chart closely so didn't realize there was was a lot of over 1.

Deb said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous progress on Dutch beauty.

And don't fret over Ann Medd. Do those stitches over two. The number of threads are divisible by two in most instances and you can cross stitch them regularly. That's what I did on mine and I think that the only thing that I did over one were the faces and hands of the figures. I never would have finished Ann if I had to tent stitch all that. I admire the fortitude of the women who stitched like that long ago (and without an Ott light at that), but I'm a modern girl and love fast finishes so did mine over two.

Nicola said...

I took Deb's advice on Ann Medd.

When I hit the bottom section of DB I had a huge surge of finishitus and my needles just flew.

Your DB is looking amazing.

Love to Stitch said...

DB is looking great!! We are both on the homeward stretch!! Keep it up, the end is in sight.