Monday, March 25, 2013

Week #7

WOW Another week of Manifesto has come and gone.. where does the time is what she looks like as of Sunday 3/24/2013

the house is nearly built.. the roofers and masons needed some time off because of the crazy spring weather we are having here in Pa.   Woke up to snow this morning.... so Miss Scarlet gave them off until the weather warms a bit... In the meantime the landscaper has arrived and he has planted the trees on the right side of the house.. getting ready for the fence and the brick wall....Mr. Peacock will be keeping an eye on things after he arrives.... That is why he faces away from the house.. he is watching!.....I think we shall name the estate Peacock Manor.... Miss Scarlet (who is outlined but not dressed yet) is the lady of the house.... next to her is Mr. Carson - the butler..and he is doing a fine job of keeping the day to day operations of the household in order..... then we have Miss Daisy the goose whisperer, who just loves being outdoors with her little friends....and Miss Marsha the school marm....Miss Marsha is having a heck of a time to get Miss Daisy to come inside and study her lessons.. Mr CArson, Miss Daisy and Miss Marsha have yet to enter the picture but they are part of the manor family and staff... Miss Scarlet has a great job on her hands getting Peacock Manor built and keeping everyone in line.. she gets frustrated sometimes and Oh those animals in the yard can be so messy... She is constantly reminding everyone, including the workers, to take their shoes off when they enter the house...and she has to calm down all the neighbors when the complain about the noise...However, Miss Scarlet is a strong woman and she will overcome all the obstacles...

So for now we leave you and hope you will return next week to see how Peacock Manor is progressing  and how our friends are doing...

Happy Stitching and have a great week!

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